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Finding Our Light

Posted By On 21 Jun 2016

As a kid, it wasn’t the big “belty” numbers or the jump splits that came as the biggest challenges when it came to theatre. There were however, a few technical things that didn’t come easily: finding and staying within my “special” (spotlight), pinpoint accuracy with blocking and staging, and staying perfectly in time musically. Of […]

Saturday 4/9 Magical, Musical Fundraising Event: NY LOVES YOGA

Posted By On 24 Mar 2016

I can’t wait for this upcoming night of music, food, fun and fundrising at NY LOVES YOGA! We are combining our talents and love of music to put together this chill night of song with a variety of artists and styles on the set list: MJ and “I Love Lucy” rocking bluesy covers and originals, […]

Diving into 2016!

Posted By On 06 Jan 2016

Happy New Year to my Friends, Students, & Favorites! Ready to personalize and GROW your practice? Want to start the year off feeling focused and strong, or even just see if Yoga is for you without a big class setting? Good news below…Special rates, class updates, and read on for fun tid-bits, playlist and more! […]

re NEW al

Posted By On 10 Oct 2014

Hello Yogis! So, the latest is that I have a new website, new last name, and new husband! It’s all very exciting and I feel a resurgence of energy with these changes and with the change of this beautiful season! Obviously, this site is live because you have visited it!…But bear with me while I […]