Thank you for reading. If we haven't met yet, I look forward to meeting you on the mat and out in the world!


I enthusiastically, patiently, and open-heartedly guide breath in sync with well-aligned, powerful movement. My intention is to inspire students to access the most free, joyful and fearless version of themselves as a result of an on-going mindful practice.

I challenge students (and myself) to thrive beyond their perceived limits and to connect. I teach to encourage new levels of strength, flexibility and balance to help with focus, clarity and presence. I facilitate practice through guided moving mediation to embody the feelings of freedom, resilience, and happiness.

My classes are fun, spirited, and sweaty – with guided breath, clear cues, and intelligent, safe sequencing.  I support all levels, including beginners and those with injuries or physical concerns. Thus far in my journey as a teacher, I’ve taught groups from Teens to NHL teams, to Broadway casts, Olympic Athletes…to Seniors, to many a fashion company, data company, start-up, and hedge fund with my corporate yoga company At Work Warriors.


Experience and Training:

Experienced in teaching:

Classic Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Tantra Vinyasa, Hatha, Power Vinyasa, Core Flow, Teen Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yang Yin, & Private Yoga of styles listed.


2016 Moksha Yoga Vinyasa Flow Training under Dina Tsouluhas. Sequencing (Krama), Pranayama, Alignment

2015  Modo/ Moksha Yoga Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Ted Grand, Jess Robertson, Yumee Chung, Pierre Desjardins D.O., Frank Jude Boccio, and Dina Tsouluhas. 500+ hours

2008 Yoga One: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training NYC with Johnna Smith & Mary Bruce- Rod Stryker’s Para Yoga Training. 200+ hours

Immersions/ Continued Study:

Jason Lambrynth Mediation Course through Sonic Yoga, NY, Iyengar Institute Inversions with Marcela Clavijo, Karina An Mirsky Sankalpa Workshop. Tara regularly practices at New York Loves Yoga, Laughing Lotus Yoga, Modo Yoga, YogaWorks, and the list is always growing!

Additional Influential Teachers:

Elena Brower, Tzahi Moskowitz, Pam Reece, Witold Fitz-Simon, Karina Ayn Myrsky, Mary-Dana Abott, Johanna Bell, Ezmeralda Stavroff, Robert McKenna, Yumee Chung, Ali Cramer, Christine Chen,  and SO many more…


University of Michigan, BFA in Music/Theatre, (Emphasis in Kinesiology and Dance)

Related Teaching:

Core Fusion, Personal Training, Dance, Gymnastics, Children’s Theatre



I realize more and more everyday how important yoga is in my life and on it’s own. I feel grateful to have found it while studying abroad in England in 2001. It was during a very hard time for America during the time I was away and the practice gave me some hope, calm and perspective. I initially approached the practice very physically. Realizing that I was capable of executing many of the shapes. Good for me. 😉 I also knew that I immediately felt more focused and connected to the work and people in my immediate circle and beyond. I found more self confidence. Little did I know, Yoga would be a life-long practice for me that would lead to transformation over and over again.

It wasn’t until I moved to NYC several years later that I started to deepen my practice with a variety of disciplines and teachers. Many of the fine people I gleaned yoga inspiration and knowledge from, were a part of the teaching staff of what was then called “Practice Yoga.”  I mopped the floors, I worked the desk, practiced singing and chanting, cleaned mats, tagged merchandise and cleaned windows, helped with payroll…all to soak it in and get free unlimited class. I practiced asanas in classes and through finding my own practice before and after studio hours. I poured over yoga texts and made detailed notes after my favorite teacher’s classes. I was hooked.  You could say that I breathed, slept and ate “Yoga” because it was actually the truth. It was during early 2008 that I took the leap to my first teacher training with the guidance of Jennifer Walker, Johnna Smith and Mary Bruce. These fabulous teachers and humans inspire me to this day!

I was fortunate enough to be granted teaching opportunities almost immediately. I found that I absolutely loved sharing and guiding the practice. I haven’t stopped learning or sharing to date, and am excited to see how the future unfolds. I had many more trainings and immersions since, and even more to come. I’ve found life is far more interesting with a “beginner’s mind.”

I am enjoying life’s adventures, being present, being me, and on most days, feeling pretty radiant. I have learned that the practice made me a better human and makes life more enjoyable. It continues to help me be more resilient, more curious, and more creative. As a performing artist, these traits are essential to my success and happiness. I am grateful to my students and my teachers for being a a constant source of inspiration.